The Women

Mary-Ann and Floral are a mother-daughter team who both learned to sew growing up, but returned to it for different reasons. They enjoy sharing ideas and knowledge with each other and would like to share it with everyone else, too.


Floral is a thirty-something wife and mother. Self-taught, she aims to create clothing and useful items for her family. Sometimes it actually happens. She embroiders and is beginning to explore the world of English Paper Piecing, mostly because hand-stitching in front of the TV doesn’t wake her pre-schooler. Living and operating in western Washington state, when not sewing, or cleaning, or cooking, or laundering, she spends time with her horse. Floral is also very interested in urban homesteading and seeing what the HOA will let her get away with living in a rental home in the suburbs.

Mary-Ann learned to sew clothes when she was younger but has since decided that she prefers quilting because it involves few tissue patterns. She also knits, and pawns these projects off onto her children and grandchildren. Mary-Ann’s primary reason for stitching is to have a hobby for herself, to give her purpose outside of being the breadwinner. When not stitching, she works as a caretaker in central Arizona state, though technically, sometimes she stitches at work, too.